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Business Tax Reduction Plan - No Licensing Needed - Increasing Residuals - No "Hooks" in Providence, Rhode Island For Sale

Price: $300
Type: Business oportunities, For Sale - Private.

ZERO out of pocket costs for employers or employees.
Residual income for as long as the company is on the plan. 99% retention rate.
Most ethical offering for this tax savings process.
Stellar record of zero complaints to either the BBB or state insurance commissioners.
Goal is to under promise and over deliver achieving these stellar results.
We provide a patented, tax saving service to employers.
Employers save on average $300-$500 FICA taxes per year per full time employee.
Employees see on average a $1,000 to $3,500 net yearly pay increase.
Employees are reimbursed 75% of their health deductible costs.
Over 2,000 clients from small businesses up to the Fortune 500.
Business only needs 5 full time employees and provides a health plan to qualify.
We are not changing their health provider.
Businesses, schools, city government etc. Any entity with W-2 employees.
Materials and training provided. Zero costs. Very short learning curve.
You provide the lead and a closer does the rest for you.
There are cases where an employee couldn't afford the current health plan in place. After the modifications they could afford health insurance.
Develop a 6 figure income and potential seven figure income in 2-3 years.
If you are qualified to become a closer then the commissions are about double.
The companies you refer are your leads to offer our other services.
Based on tax codes back to the 1950's.
Health care premiums sky rocketing! This is needed more than ever. - additional information
Steven Hickey
Senior Managing Partner